Artificial Palms

Do you dream of the tropics as you look out your window at the gloomy cold? Do you envision sunshine and palm trees when your reality is far from a tropical oasis? Then you should bring your ideal environment into your home with artificial palm trees. Decorative palm trees can make your home feel warm and inviting and make you feel like you’re on vacation everyday. Place fake palm trees throughout your home or business to bring the best part of your favourite retreat to you.

Our selection offers many shapes and sizes of fake palm trees. You will find all of your favourite varieties, including bamboo, kentia, areca, raphis, Phoenix, cycas and parlour. Each style provides a different aesthetic that can enhance the style of your home or a particular room.

Palm trees have been used for centuries in high society to evoke luxury and an exotic ambience. Palm plants gained popularity in Victorian times and were used in many homes and tea parlours. Now, you can recreate the romance and simple pleasures of the Victorian era with silk palm trees in your home, in the sun room, in a corner in the living room, and in a bedroom to inspire the serenity of the beach.